Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic by Lisa Lister
  Book Reviews    November 17, 2017     Lisa Quigley

Turn on the television, scroll through your Facebook feed, and you’re sure to notice it. Things are getting loud. It feels like the whole world is in a state of unrest. In the current political climate, it’s hard not to feel discouraged. But right now, the status quo is being challenged. The patriarchy is crumbling (and boy, is it pissed.) Tensions are escalating. Emotions are high. There are riots, protests, an outpouring of women coming forward to call out men on their years of sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse. People aren’t willing to be quiet anymore. Women aren’t willing to be quiet anymore.

The witches are waking.

Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic by Lisa Lister is a rallying cry to women. As she says at the very beginning: “Forget everything you’ve ever been told about witches.”

So, what is a witch, you might ask, if not a hag, if not someone who practices dark arts, if not someone evil, if not someone satanic?

Lister sets us straight: “A witch is an unapologetic woman. She alchemizes experiences and emotions. She’s a woman with power, agency and sovereignty, and she has these on HER terms. She creates and manifests. She is self-sourced. She freely communicates with Nature/Spirit/God/dess/choose-your-own-semantics without needing a go-between. Being a witch is being a woman in her power.” According to Lisa Lister, being a witch is the birthright of women everywhere. 

It’s that simple, and that revolutionary.

Lister shatters the notion that you have to do, have, or believe specific things in order to be a witch. You can be a witch who practices witchcraft, or not. A witch who is Pagan or not. A witch who is Wiccan or not. The only thing required for you to be a witch, the only thing at all, is for you to claim your power as a woman. 

This book is something special. It is part self-help, part motivational, part female anthem, part history, part magical how-to. It helped me to better understand how (and why) I can identify as a witch but also not be drawn to the structured, formal, religious aspects of the craft. It helped me to understand myself a little better, and to become more comfortable using the word “witch” to describe myself. Lister offers wisdom and guidance, while simultaneously empowering you to be guided by your own intuition.

And while Lister acknowledges that men and non-binary humans can also be witches, this is a book written specifically for women. Lister explores the history of the witch hunts, mass murders of women who refused to submit to the gender norms of the time. She gets deep into the nitty gritty of why they happened, and delves into what she calls the “witch wound”—an ancient wounding in the female psyche that occurred as the result.

And all the stuff happening in the world right now? The Women’s March? The viral explosion of #MeToo? It’s witch work, all of it.

“I didn’t decide to be a witch; I remembered I was one.”

Are you ready to remember? Pick up this book, and join the global coven of waking witches everywhere. It’s time to wake the witches.


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