Up Late    August 27, 2015     Eric Larkin

Here is a BBC post about “The Drinkable Book”.  This is literally a book, made of a kind of paper, laced with silver nanoparticles, invented by Dr. Theresa Dankovich. The paper from this book can be used as a water filter. It will filter enough bacteria out of contaminated water to make it comparable to American tap water. The pages of the book are printed with basic instruction on sanitization, and the book comes in a box that doubles as the filter “basket”, like on a coffee machine, but rectangular. It’s light, cheap, and one book has enough paper to filter water for a few years.


Here are a couple highlights from the company’s website:

– Every sheet of paper made to this point was made by Dr. Dankovich, by hand, in a church kitchen. They’re working on scaling up production.

– Next step is translation into more languages with an increase in illustrations, to reach a wider demographic.


For some reason, the detail that hits me hardest is that they are looking for a way to make the filter fit a kolshi, which is a traditional Bangladeshi liquid receptacle. Such detailed care and tenderness for complete strangers: this is how we should be.

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