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  Conversations    March 29, 2016     The Last Bookstore


The 2016 Association of Writers & Writing Programs—known colloquially as AWP—is kind of like a traveling circus of writers, publishers, editors and agents. Each year they pop up in a different US city bringing with them over 800 presses, journals and literary organizations from around the world. The conference spans over one long weekend and has over 12,000 attendees. This year they chose Los Angeles, so we thought we’d check in with some of our favorite authors and publishers to see what all the hub bub is about:


THE SUN – A quick chat with Molly Herboth (Circulation Manager of the prestigious literary mag, Sun Magazine), who will be partying with The Last Bookstore April 1st


LBS – Have you been to a past AWP? If so, which one?

MH – This is our 7th AWP!


LBS – What’s your favorite thing about AWP?

MH – It’s heartening to see so many people — sometimes an overwhelming number of them — engaged in the world of words. That’s often such an isolated world, the Internet notwithstanding, that it’s easy to forget there are so many of us who care about these things. AWP is a terrific yearly reminder.


LBS – What panel or event are you most looking forward to?

MH – A few of us are looking forward to The Literary Genius of Kendrick Lamar panel. And of course our party at The Last Bookstore APRIL 1ST!

Diamond Salon 6&7, JW Marriott LA, 3rd Floor

Thursday, March 31, 2016, 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm

Hip-hop and literature have always intersected, but the genres find an even greater connection in the work of Compton, California’s Kendrick Lamar, who has released three albums that rival the greatest works of fiction and creative nonfiction in depth of theme, imagery, and storytelling complexity. In this panel, writers influenced by Lamar’s work discuss what writers can learn about storytelling from the rapper’s albums, which are novelistic in both scope and structure.


Whoa – that’s a panel to check out.  Meet Molly Herboth in-store, April 1 – Kendrick Lamar will probably not be here, but it will still be worth your while.


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