The Devastator: Funny Books For Humans
  Book Reviews    November 16, 2015     Eric Larkin


Do you like reading? Do you like laughing? Are you able to do both at the same time? Me neither, so I about seized up when I read The Devastator’s Grosslumps. It is a spoof of Goosebumps, and even though I was too old to appreciate those original stories which warped the minds of so many people born after Star Wars came out (ie people whose knees still work), I could appreciate the idiocy- err – hilarity of these 9 parodic stories. Unlike most funny books, these are all written by people who are actual comedy merchants, peddling their wares to such fine organizations as The Daily Show, The Onion and other places I’ve heard of but don’t feel like looking up right now because the book is way over there on the table oh wait I could just google it meh. What was super shocking as I read this book was I started noticing a few small grammatical errors and such on the page. At first I thought, “Gah. This shit is low rent.” But then I had several epiphanies, “Wait. Just. One. Minute. I get it- they are improv-ing as in making-up this story as I read it. Damn. That must be hard. Tres avant-garde. I guess I can overlook a few typos. Also, I’m hungry.”


The Devastator publishes a monthly book of some sort that you can get in the snail mail. Wouldn’t it be fun to get actual mail again? And it’s both cheaper and funnier than Birch Box or Nerd Chest or whatever other thing you’re thinking of subscribing to. Check out their Skull and Books Society for that. They publish tons of parodies, like a Dr. Suess-type thing called Oh, The Flesh You Will Eat! They have Restart Me Up which has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones but has a lot to do with the 20 year anniversary of Windows 95, subtitled The Unauthorized Unaccurate History of Windows 95. I know, right? “Unaccurate”! It’s not even a word! These guys are crazy! (I actually wish I had picked up that one instead of Grosslumps, cuz I actually remember what Win95 was like, but I was thinking of YOU dear reader. According to Google Analytics, you are younger than me.) They have spoofs of science fiction (Space Epic), D&D (Wizards of Cockblock Forest), video games (Double Fisting: Four Sets of Knuckles, One Tight Situation), political stuff (The Presidential Dickerbook) Cats (Cats)- they’ll pretty much make fun of anything, and they’re good at it, too, for realz, yo. These make great gifts for your people who can both read and laugh simultaneously OR great fire-tinder for your survival kits, because they are mostly really slim yet include flammable sheets of paper.


I met these folks at Stan Lee’s (and Elvira’s) Comikaze, and they were alright, but not exactly cutting edge, clad as they were in shirts and pants. Anyway, if I hadn’t already paid for that damn Nerd Chest subscription, I’d totally subscribe.


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