Book Riot’s STRANGER THINGS Book List
  Up Late    July 26, 2016     Eric Larkin


Dammit. Looks like I switched my Netflix from “streaming” to “DVD” at the exact wrong moment. You know how it is, though: all the current movies are on DVD; all the current TV is streaming. Well, now I’m missing Stranger Things, and folks won’t shut the hell up about how awesome this show is, and it’s killing me not to know – what am I supposed to do?!

(Wait for Luke Cage then switch back, that’s what.)


If you, you lucky dawg, did not make the same mistake I did and are freshly post-binge of Stranger Things and staring into space with a directionless fireball of dopamine in your gut, check out THIS LIST from mighty Steph Auteri at Book Riot. (She’s prolific, mostly on sexuality, parenting and women’s health. She even has a Tiny Letter you can sign up for.)

This is a stellar reading list, some of which we’ve actually covered: Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children (Library of Souls)  and the new Tremblay (plus an interview).

Okay, so you can slowly ramp down a bit, tapering the Stranger Things withdrawal shakes, without having to go cold turkey. There are a few new worlds in that list for you to explore. Until season two.



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