Quick List: Skin & Ink
  Lists    December 15, 2016     Eric Larkin


From our Instagram, a short list of books on a given topic, offered for your perusal.

Cuz you want some, cuz you got some, cuz you’d rather use crayons; here’s a range of books about tattoos.




100 Years of Tattoos from David McComb – This both social and highly personal art form has been around since long, long before it was trendy. This book follows every angle of tattoo history, with over 400 photographs.






Russian – Criminal – Tattoo – In 3 volumes, this is the secret entrance to an exclusive club you do not want to belong to. Gulag prisoners use a complex language of imagery to tell their personal stories; come this close and no further.





Pen & Ink Tattoos from Wendy McNaughton and Isaac Fitzgerald – You know the urge you have to ask, “What’s the story behind that tattoo?” But you think welll… could be personal. Folks – some famous, some not – explain their tats in this book, with McNaughton’s illustrations.







Tell Me a Tattoo Story illustrated by Eliza Wheeler, written by Alison McGhee – This is a kids book about a dad telling his son the stories behind his tattoos. No doubt a future bestseller, as hipster babies reach the inquisitive ages (and dads have to explain “irony” to 7-year-olds).









The Tattoo Coloring Book from Oliver Munden and Jo Waterhouse – Honestly, there are a bunch of these, but this one has a badass three-eyed tiger with butterfly wings on the cover. There are a wide variety of tats and tattooed folks to color inside, including a Jesus and a shark eating a boat.  Also look for Marked in Ink, Just Add Color, etc., etc. etc.. Etc..  





By now we have a bunch of these Quick Lists WITH NO END IN SIGHT. All to inform your book-perusing, dear reader.





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