SHERLOCKLAND! – The Nerdiest Place on Earth!
  On Location    May 19, 2015     Eric Larkin

A theme park is like a book made out of physical structures, live “cast members”, snacks, music, topiary bushes and an overpriced parking lot.

When you think “England”, you probably don’t think “theme park”. But you’d be a fool to not think “great literature”, “influential culture”, and “pasty white skin”. Well, the fact is, England has top-notch theme parks – the great Alton Towers, for example. Now, Paramount Pictures, the BBC and Kuwaiti developers are combining forces to build a theme park in Kent. In this single location, you will be able to enjoy attractions based on Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who and Star Trek. That’s nuts. And to give it that sense of authenticity and glowy ambience, they’re also going to pack the park with as many pasty white-skinned people as they can find. Theme parks are all about atmosphere.

Gaze upon this map with amusement and delight

Gaze upon this map with amusement and delight. There will be ONE roller coaster and 250k -year-old skull fragments. Dude – Sign. Me. Up.

This park and its Sherlockland (made-up name – not the best, but better than Holmesworld), will be a pretty good stop-gap, until we get our Last Bookstore theme park up and running. (See our park already in full, hugely popular operation right now, in this parallel universe.)

Meanwhile, you can enjoy The Dungeons – all over GB, Europe and in San Francisco – for a grizzly dollop of local history and legend. Maybe we should do one of these in the basement of the Last Bookstore. How about an audio-animatronic James Ellroy to Virgil the guests through LA’s bloody history?


Here’s an Update, with lotsa gritty details, if you’re really into theme parks.

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