Shadows of Sherwood (Robyn Hoodlum #1) by Kekla Magoon
  Book Reviews    November 3, 2016     Cindy Marie Jenkins


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Robyn Hoodlum is a cool pre-teen who spends her nights getting into trouble for rebellious adventures. One of those nights while she’s away, her parents are killed or kidnapped, and she’s left with a few clues.

Robyn is mixed race with frizzy hair, and her hair turns into her power, once she understands how to grasp it. This is the origin story of a new heroine for Sherwood, one who finds friendship with other misfits, all united against the new governor of Nott City, Ignomus Crown. Magoon gets extra points from me for excellent female villains as well as her protagonist.

I have to admit that at times, Robyn’s self doubt got tiresome and felt repetitive. She travels through a pretty standard Hero’s Journey with the details made more interesting by a new telling of a folk tale that is itself the culmination of its re-tellings, modified for every new time period to fit its people’s values.

Seems right now we need to believe in the children, the misfits, in mixed races and the seemingly powerless who hold all the power they need inside their hearts.

I look forward to Robyn Hoodlum #2.

Look for Rebellion of Thieves!


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