Quick List: Toddler Elite
  Lists    December 17, 2016     Eric Larkin


Quick Lists are based on a few pix from our Instagram feed.

No one is more snobby in their selection of reading materiél than a toddler. Of course, some toddlers will just leave board books lying around to be seen, and will not actually read them. In either case, these titles will easily service their elitist attitudes.





Let’s Count California: Numbers and Colors in the Golden State from David W. Miles includes a variety of colors, animals and other nouns, promoting the numerical proficiency of your poncy 3-year-old. Most of the smaller numbers are covered, and there are several bears, for example.








Olivia is what Ian Falconer does when not designing covers for the New Yorker. Olivia is an irresistible, loud, meddling, energetic, often bipedal swine: a toddler, in other words. This is a whole series, so if your kid digs Olivia, you won’t have to read the same book to them nine thousand times.








Cinderella (from the new Once Upon a World series) by Chloe Perkins & Sandra Equihua is the classic story in a Mexican setting. This series takes you around the world with classic stories: Snow White is in Japan, Rapunzel is in India.  









Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is still hungry after all these years. Someone feed this damn caterpillar already.







Pride & Prejudice and the entire Baby Lit Primer series from Jennifer Adams & Alison Oliver is the most bitchin’ board book series out there for parents who want their kids to grow up reading the best books. Yeah, yeah – there’s still all that shape, color, object shizz, but there’s also ghosts, murder, pirates, unrequited love, colonialism and child slavery. Not really, of course. The classic characters and accoutrement are intact, but the grit of the stories is not. Your rug-rambler will be learning the body parts from Frankenstein, colors from Uncle Scrooge, opposites from Sense & Sensibility and so on. They keep cranking these things out, leaving our comprehensive Overview in need of an update.





Zapata from Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein teaches both colors and a bit of Mexican history in both Spanish & English. The series is called Lil’ Libros, and covers a wide swath of Latin American culture, from Lucha Libre to La Llorona. 









Counta Block from Christopher Franceschelli and Peskimo – holy cow this thing is mesmerizing – ok, there are numbers, but they’re cut out of the page, and so… you can see pictures thru parts of the numbers. I’m not sure if this is designed for a toddler or for, say, a grown man who stares at a computer screen all day. These are the literature of board books in the sense that I think there’s a level here that I’m missing.




More Quick Lists are coming.



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