Quick List: Rhythm & Melody
  Lists    December 6, 2016     Eric Larkin


These Quick List posts are based on an Instagram series on our feed, offering a few titles on a given topic. Nuthin’ fancy. This one has books about music.






Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen – The Boss is not generally into tooting his own horn, so you can be sure he’s giving you the straight story. From his beginnings to now, here’s an epic.










Bob Dylan: The Lyrics 1961-2012 – Nobel Prize material – with Dylan’s own edits.










Under the Big Black Sun by John Doe & Tom DeSavia – Who else could write the story of LA punk? And he includes material from Exene, Henry and damn near everyone who was there. (See note below for more Punk.)










Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Coloring Book – Sometimes folks forget that Hip Hop is more than just music. Now, maybe coloring isn’t one of the 5 pillars, but art certainly is: this might be one coloring book you can’t dismiss as trendy. Plus it’s hilarious. Plus it has other activities. If you don’t know what’s up, a lot of this book will go over your head. And by “you”, of course, I mean “me”.

(See note below for more Hip Hop.)









NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories by the band and Jeff Alulis is their full story, from their perspective, leaving nothing out. Holy shit.












The Keys is DJ Khaled’s manual for success. (Every Hip Hop artist has a book like this, btw – so pick your fave artist, and look for their “this is how I did it, and you can do it, too” book.)











The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book by Aye Jay – See Bun B’s entry above: same deal, but with punk. Pretty fun.








More Quick Lists to come….

THE NOTE: In case you missed it, we have two 4-part series of books on music.  This one covers Punk, and this one covers Hip-Hop.




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