The Inscapes of NOS4A2
  Book Reviews    January 22, 2016     Mackenzie Kiera


I just finished reading Joe Hill’s NOS4A2. It took me three weeks, which is two weeks and three days too long. I munched on it, rationing it like my last meal. I wanted to stay in the world Joe Hill built just a little longer. Please.

In NOS4A2 Joe Hill possesses an uncanny knack for tapping into the human psyche. This book comes with its own private haunting. The moment you crack open this 689 page monster you’ll feel someone leaning over you, asking, “What is it you want most?”

We have the answer, collectively, as a human race. We want more. The affirmation that there is more in this life, we’re just missing it. We humans are just too stupid to understand it.

So yes, Mulder. I too, want to believe.

In the book NOS4A2, Joe Hill taps into that human desire by using Inscapes. He writes on page 100: “There’s the real world, with all of it’s annoying facts and rules. In the real world, there are things that are true and things that aren’t. Mostly the real world sucks. But everyone also lives in their own world inside their head. An inscape, a world of thought.”

The characters in NOS4A2 all have inscapes, and they use various portals to take them there: cars, bridges, bikes and Scrabble tiles. All are used to get to this other world—this inscape—and connect it to reality. But what happens when you stumble upon someone else’s inscape? What happens when those precarious bridges get tangled, warped, or break down?

If you are looking for a wild ride, one that will open your eyes and feed your human desires, look no further. Joe Hill can take you there and once you get to Christmasland, you’ll never want to leave.



[Editor’s Note: It’s NOS4R2 in the UK, NOS4A2 in the US. As for the graphic for this post, we have readers in the UK, so why not?

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