Monsters of a Different Bite
  Lists    October 30, 2016     Mackenzie Kiera


Tired of the same old monster? Here’s a list of books that have monsters with a totally different bite.

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Grab NOS4A2, by Joe Hill. It’s a beast so, two hands to hold all of it. The monster in this book is quite literally a time vampire. Not your typical Vampire, oh no. He’s so much more than that. There’s so much more than that in Christmas Land.








Go find Stephen Graham Jones’s After the People Lights Have Gone Off. All the stories are unique but the one? The title story. Absolutely. Because there are things so much worse than death. Different and awful and not reading it just isn’t an option. After I read it, my husband had to sage the house because something between the pages leaked out and set up shop. Read at your own risk.








Dawn by Octavia Butler would be a solid addition to any bookshelf, especially if you are a fan of beautiful writing, science fiction and horror. She brings them all together, and the aliens are something you can’t break free from, and you’ll ask yourself, are they sexy aliens or aliens that want sex? Either way, the world has to be repopulated. Right?







Bird Box by Josh Malerman. Hands down. This is easily one of the scariest books I’ve ever read all because of the monsters. Malerman never lets us see them. The Walking Dead meets The Road meets The Fireman. Crazy good. Don’t open your eyes. Except to, you know, read the book.







Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. You think you know Haunted House novels? When your job is Hell and putting together furniture is Hell then, doesn’t it stand to reason that the store is Hell? Creepy and leaves just the right amount of detail to the imagination. You’ll find yourself laughing and screaming. Either way, this is a solid Halloween novel.






Last but not least, I would recommend Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt not because the monster herself is odd or different, but more, because she’s used in a new and perfect way. Heuvelt manages to take a time-honored monster (a witch) and modernizes her while sticking with a lot of the common witchy tropes we know and love. I was terrified from page one and I’m, at this point, tough to freak out. Couldn’t recommend this one enough for a scream. Sick and twisted and sad and scary. Fear for yourself, fear for humanity, because what wouldn’t you do for your child?



Happy Halloween!





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