Mocking Dan Brown from the Margins
  Up Late    May 23, 2015     Eric Larkin


This guy David Rees made “Artisanal Pencil Sharpening”, and this guy Sam Anderson writes for the New York Times.

They read Dan Brown’s Inferno and make fun of it in the margins in this amazing post from The Millions.


I love this post, and I laugh out loud at their notes. I don’t think I could actually do what they do though. Writing is really hard. Even when you get to the end of something and think, “Wow, this is crap”, getting to that point was a lot of work. Anyway, a lot of typing. I don’t really get why Dan Brown is so successful, based on what I’ve read of him — uh, the sum total of which are the bits in the aforementioned post, actually – but there’s still a part of me that  respects any writer for grinding it out, whether or not the book is worth a damn. If someone builds a ten foot brick shit-house, that then falls over, I still want to say, “Damn, bro – that was a pretty high pile of bricks – here, have a beer.” Of course, that doesn’t stop me from laughing at them. Or telling the story to everyone I know.

Besides, Dan Brown got paid umpteen million bucks for his pile of bricks.

Read the post.


I’m already reading the right stuff.

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