LovecraftZine: Weird Fic That’s Sneaking Up Behind You With a Ceremonial Dagger
  Lists    May 27, 2015     Eric Larkin

We’re working on a comprehensive Overview of HP Lovecraft for Dwarf+Giant. It’s a ways away. In the meantime, take a sidelong gander at The Lovecraft Ezine. These folks know their Lovecraft and much else besides. If you are of that bent, then you could do worse than hearken to their arcane whisperings. Plus, they seem nice.



Here’s a link to their audio files. Pretty sweet for your commute to unknown Kadath or the mountains of madness or wherever you work.





They compiled a few lists I want to lay at your feet: female and male writers of weird fiction you should know about. Below are the names with links to their websites or interviews – it’s pretty skeletal because I want you to look at the two original lists, with Mike Davis’s knowing blurbs. Think of this as a handy index to their two lists.





Jeffrey Thomas  – The dude what did Punktown.








Livia Llewellyn – a name too perfect for weird fiction. Hmm….  Lovecraftzine’s own intensely personal interviewEngines of Desire is her first collection.







Joseph S Pulver, Sr.  Check out his brightly-colored, old school looking blog. Looks like he’s touring right now.






Ann K Schwader – An interview in verse. Unbelievable. See?! This is the level we’re at with the people on this list.




Simon Stranzas – He is Canadian, for the win.





Anna Tambour – According to Wikipedia, “Tambour lives in the Australian bush.” Her blog. It is amazing.  She has a story in Jews Versus Zombies (amongst much other work).




John Langan – You can take classes from him.











Allyson Bird There are two Allyson Birds; we are looking at this one.  (But it wouldn’t be a waste of your time to take a 90 degree turn and read the other Allyson Bird’s amazing story of quitting journalism. Nothing to do with weird fiction.)





Scott Thomas – Straight back to Lovecraftzine for Scott Thomas.





Gemma Files – You’re doing okay when your fans make trailers for your stuff.







So, there’s your new list of things to check out and an intro to your twisted new best pals over at Lovecraftzine.  Watch for our Overview of ol’ HP, due out… not sure when, but we’re reading like mad – MAD I TELL YOU !

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