How About a Free Class at Oxford?
  Lists    May 6, 2016     Eric Larkin


If you’re looking to go deeper with some of your reading, why not go to Berkeley or Oxford and take one of their lit classes?

What’s that you say? Too expensive? Too in England?

Ah – not so fast, you naysayer.

At this here website, you will find a hefty list of 100% free university-level literature classes you can drop right into your electronic device. This should not be any kind of surprise to most podcast savvy folk, but sometimes you burn through all your TALs and Radiolabs and think – what the hell am I gonna listen to? Well, there are lots of ways to make yourself smarter, and university-level literature courses are one of them.

These have been gathered conveniently from a number of different sources, and there are a wide range of options. For example…


Old English from Oxford!! Beowulf and what not!

Japanese literature, both modern and premodern from Berkeley

Science Fiction and Politics from Dr. Courtney Brown at Emory – this one covers everything from Asimov to Janelle Monae to Scalzi’s Red Shirts – it’s really pretty amazing.

A huge amount of Tolkien and other fantasy and faerie material from Corey Olson, the “Tolkien Professor”

Theory from Yale and Oxford

Of course there are the usual suspects: Cervantes, Shakespeare, the Romantics, etc..

There’s even a course on Young Adult lit from La Trobe University



It’s like this, but without all that crushing debt. photo CTBTO


If you click on the “Upskilling” tab in the upper right corner, you’ll find other topics, like History, Philosophy, etc..

I like to segment my listening, for example: listening in the car, a language course; workouts, music; doing random shit around the house and yardwork, something mentally engaging, say… this poetry thing from Yale. Just an idea.

Do with this what you will. I mean, you have every right to let your mind turn to mush, but you’re interested enough to read a blog about books, so why not go to the next level, and hear from folks who actually know what they’re talking about?





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