Late Hour Costume Primer from the Last Spookstore
  Up Late    October 26, 2015     Eric Larkin


You’ve done it again: you’ve failed to plan for Halloween. It’s okay, H-ween is only for fun, so don’t let it harsh your 100% natural holiday high.

Still – you need a costume. We are here to help.


First, we already provided a short list of literary-themed suggestions. Maybe you can still pull one of these off. Check out Twisty Hybrids.


Second, we’re just wrapping up an entire month of interviews with the top-notch creative-types who contributed to A Horror Story Art Show. During those interviews (thinking only of you, dear guest) we asked them to share a few costume ideas & memories. Here’s a digest of suggestions to direct your panicking brain, most of them pretty straight-forward – which is what you need, since you waited until the last second. Again. It’s okay.


Any costume plans for this year, or maybe a favorite from the past?


Jordan Monsell  – I love dressing up as Batman or Beetlejuice, but I’d be so uncomfortable standing and cutting silhouettes all day. But something that inspires the age of silhouettes. Something Victorian or Edwardian like Edgar Allan Poe. Last year at Halloween I was Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow.  (Look for Jordan Monsell’s post – John Dies in the End – coming up on the 31st.)


Mark Kulakoff – I was the tree from The Giving Tree. This is from the Shel Silverstein book. I built a tree, and I carried around apples and gave them away at the parties I went to.

Did you slowly chop yourself down, as the night went on?

No, but I should’ve. That’s the next level.


Jehoaddan Kulakoff – a past favorite was when I went as a bunny. At the age of 5, of course.


Lori Hall-Araujo – One year my girlfriend and I dressed up as “Aliens from the Planet Joan Crawford.”  We dressed entirely in silver lamé–Forties style halter tops, trousers, turbans, and platform shoes.  Our makeup was also Joan Crawford circa 1945.  That night we attended a drag ball that had been held on Chicago’s South Side since the 1950s.


Champoy – A friend of mine once wore a suit and covered it with Barbie’s. He was a “chick magnet.” I thought that was clever. I like it when people get crafty with their costumes, instead of just buying something from the store.


Brent Johnson – Last year, my wife Adrienne and I did a Day Of The Dead bride and groom thing so she could wear her wedding dress one more time. That one actually turned out pretty cool.




Suzanne Oshinsky – I usually wait until the last second to create something. Last year I was Damien Hirst’s For The Love of God.



Sam Soto – I think some of my best costumes are the ones I came up with on Halloween day. I made a very good last minute Invisible Man one year and another year I made a great last minute burglar costume. My very favorite costume though had to be the the year I was a Human Fly.


Zach Jones: (referring to Allan) He’s going to dress up as Black Han, and I’m going to be White Lando. Everyone wants me to be a war boy from Mad Max.

Katie Orphan: Yes, I want you to be Nux, that’s the truth.

Zach Jones: But for like the past five years, I just want to be the Fly from Vincent Price’s The Fly, just with like the fly head and the fly hand, but no one will get it.


Nolan Lemos – I haven’t really put too much thought into what I’m going to be this year, but in the past I’ve been a Ghostbuster, a Tyrannosaur, Kenny from Southpark, a California Raisin, and Frankenstein’s monster.

Here’s a vid for proof.


Big Tasty – Now I have kids, so Halloween gets more and more fun, so we’re all going to be characters from Scooby Doo. Yes, I’m Shaggy.


214 Graffiti – We both have new babies coming into our lives so Taylor is going to be “Bleeker” from the movie Juno (his wife will be Juno). Justin is going to be “Harold and the Purple Crayon” ­ Justin will be Harold, and his newborn daughter will be the Purple Crayon (she will be just over 1 month old by Halloween).


Grace Rosenman – This year I’m deciding between Bubbles from Power Puff Girls, and my friend Sophia (I was going to dress up as her and she was going to dress up as me, why are we so cute?). Last year I was Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord!!! That was probably my favorite costume of all time. It was very successful.


Simon Sotelo – So far the only idea I have is dressing up as the Unibomber. I try to keep things simple and easy because its good for my budget. My favorite costume of the past would probably have to be Bob Ross.


Yanina Spizzirri – But we have an interesting family tradition. We do group costumes and a photoshoot at home with my husband and my daughter. We go for silly themes like mucha lucha fighters and we created personas to go with it . My favorite one was this time I was listening to Sun Ra a lot, and became obsessed with the song called solar symbols and created costumes based on that, big gold headdresses.


Robey Clark – I friend and I were going to go as a set of gender bent Mad Max Fury Road characters, her as ‘Immorten Josephine’ and me as ‘Furioso’, but I think that may be falling through. Too bad. I guess it’s back my old standby: Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Five years in a row, that bunny suit was really worth the initial investment.


Micah Brenner – I’ve always wanted to go as Lt. Ellen Ripley. I think I’ve got the height and the cheekbones down pat.


And if you have a pet that doesn’t live in a bowl:


Andrea Bogdan – It’s a toss up between these two:

Bogdandog2 Bogdandog1



Alright, that should get your brain rolling in a productive direction. Don’t forget to take another look at Twisty Hybrids.
I’m gonna get my Captain Kirk uniform on now; I’ll see you down on the planet.


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