On Location    August 15, 2015     Eric Larkin


From Paste comes this short list of hotels for lovers… of books. (And regular lovers, too, I suppose.) They’re everywhere from New York to Thailand.


In Minneapolis, The Commons Hotel offers book roomservice, “Yeah, hi, uh… room 209. I’d like to order a Salman Rushdie – yeah, that’ll do. Also the Kahlil Gibran… that’s right, honeymoon… oh, well thank you. Oh, could I get a side of Dylan Thomas? Whatever you have is fine. Oh, and if you have any fresh Banana Yoshimoto, that’d be great. Thanks. [click] – Hey, babe – how much do you tip a bookhop?”


The Library,  photo Hajime Nakano, cc

The Library, photo Hajime Nakano, cc

The Library on Koh Samui in Thailand has a curated collection of books. In Paris at The Apostrophe Hotel, you could perhaps be crushed by a giant book suspended above your bed. Die happy.


This book hotel idea is a damn good alternative to buying a Kindle for your vacation.


Our kin over at Book Riot have this list of bookish hotels that lean toward theming – well, “lean toward” or sometimes just face-plant right in the theming.  From Hobbit motels with round doors and roaming pigs to giant typewriter keys to hang your coat on or dodge on your way to the loo at 2am, perfect for cosplayers or actual Hobbits.


Oh, look at the wee Hobbit holes tucked back into the hillside. photo Adam Fletcher, cc

Oh, look at the wee Hobbit holes tucked back into the hillside. photo Adam Fletcher, cc

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that you can find these pretty much anywhere on the planet: the Batman room is in Taiwan, while the Harry Potter room is in Oregon. Humans love stories, this is just another way to go deeper into them, or at least to be reminded of the experience. It’s why people love to browse bookstores. You never hear, “We stopped off at the Target and just browsed around for awhile. I love that place.”  Each book holds the potential to blow your mind; a room full of them… and you’re going to sleep there, too?!


Maybe this is our next step: The Last Bookstore Inn. (Maybe after we finish our theme park.)

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