Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
  Book Reviews    November 22, 2016     Mackenzie Kiera


Can I start out by saying I adore this book? If you want a new take on an old tale, read Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

There’s a witch in the town of Black Spring. She can’t leave, so neither can you. Her name is Katherine and due to an ancient Hex, she is forever doomed to haunt the town of Black Spring. She pops up during county fairs, in kitchens and schools. She’s everywhere and nowhere.

Hangs there for a few minutes or a few days.

The people of Black Spring have become very adept at dealing with her. They hide her behind structures, inside of large instruments (organs, mostly) and occasionally in a mass of people. At one point, they even dress her up and let tourists take pictures with her.

But what they won’t do?

They won’t touch her, because touching her ends in Death. If you hear the witches whispering or feel the witches touch, Death will find you. Every single time.

So, what happens when a couple of rebellious teens want nothing more than to leave town? Go to college? Be on their own, away from family and familiarity and the witch?

What starts out as an experiment turns dangerous and begs the question: What wouldn’t you do for your child? Trade your town? Trade your soul?

This is Black Spring and it’s important to know your enemies. And that thing about history? Unless you learn from it, you may be condemned to repeat it.

If you have a sewing kit, keep it close. You’ll see.


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