Hello from the Editor
  Up Late    April 3, 2015     Eric Larkin

This is Dwarf + Giant, the brand new blog of The Last Bookstore.

I’m Eric. I used to drive the van for the store, but now I’m the editor and chief writer of Dwarf + Giant. Big change for me. I used to lift boxes and sit in traffic all day. Now I type and smoke cigars in my boxers all day. I did nothing to merit this idyllic lifestyle. It’s a small-scale eucatastrophe.

A few things about the blog:

1. The name “Dwarf and Giant” is important. We dwarves/dwarfs* can see past our immediate surroundings (that’s what reading is for, right?) only because of the literary and cultural giants upon whose shoulders we stand. The view from the lofty perch of these broad shoulders makes us smarter, kinder, funnier, bolder, more creative, generous and better-looking.

2. Our posts will cover new books, of course, but also old books. Don’t be surprised if you see a review of Great Expectations, for example. We know it was published in 1860, but not everyone has actually read it. We’ll tempt you to dive into the books that have been sitting on your shelf for an eon. Or, you know, come in and buy them from us. We wouldn’t mind that either.

3. We want community, so please participate. Comments, insights, ideas, constructive criticism… yes, please.  If you see something you like, repost it.

That’s it. Thanks for climbing up here on giants’ shoulders with us – plenty of room for all us dwarves… dwarfs- whatever.

* Dwarfs, if you’re from Toronto – haha. No, not really – nothing to do with the Maple Leafs. See Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct, discussed here or this post with a bitchin’ Ngram.

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