D+G Anniversary Countdown
  Lists    April 3, 2016     Eric Larkin


April 3 is the one year anniversary of Dwarf+Giant. Here are some significant numbers from our first year of existence.


188 is the number of entirely distinct designs Heather Basile has made for the blog. This is counting only once graphics that are part of a series and not counting ones where I gave her the wrong info and she had to start over from scratch. And if anything, I’m missing a few. Part-time gig; full-time pro. She’s fast, she’s versatile, she’s witty, and she can read my mind when I can’t articulate the essence of a post. Here are a few of my personal faves, a couple variations and a couple that I never got to use.

Asimov(1)poeConvo with Ellroy Fear&Loathing-P3 Beowulf, Esq Ruth Madievsky Comikaze Attack! TimeTravelAlbertus Magnus

42 is for (so-called) nerd culture – We’ve covered almost everything: Tolkien, Star Wars, superheroes, HP Lovecraft, cosplay, Star Trek, games of all types, all manner of sci-fi & fantasy – been to three comic conventions, two Halloween conventions, covered the Edwardian Ball, SciFi Fest LA, Guillermo Del Toro, theme parks, steampunk, monsters, Sherlock, time travel, vampires, CS Lewis, Philip K Dick, Frank Herbert, Harry Potter, ghostbusting, home haunting, virtual reality, we’re (finally) working on a GOT post – and, of course, the nerdiest thing of all: books.


35 is for the number of contributors we’ve had, and we’re thankful for every single damn one of them: Adrienne Johnson, Alexandra Neumeister, Alicia Bien, Alicia Ellingwood, April Clemmer, Artie Sheldon, Blair Cosby, Brian Hedrick, Colette Freedman, Cortney Matz, David Nestor, the gang over at DTLA Phantom Investigation and Control Society, Greg Tower, Ingrid Shin, Jalysa Conway, Josh Compton, Kathryn McGee, Katie Orphan, Kenneth Azurin, Lacy Soto, Lisa Quigley, Lucio Rodriguez, MacKenzie Cox, Manuel Chavarria, Maria-Alexa Kavanaugh, Matt Jaeger, Megan Eccles, Natalie Ferrigno, RJ Curtis, Sarah Parker-Lee, Sue Molenda, Tavis Sarmento, Thomas Mavroudis, Timothy LaForge and Liska Jacobs – our intrepid Events Coordinator, who wrangles many interviews for us, and hasn’t the slightest interest in taking credit.


19 is the number of posts from our top contributor, our own Lacy Soto, who you’ve seen running the show in our Arts and Rare Book Annex. She’s prolific and has sterling taste.




13 is Halloween – Remember October when we did our big Last Spookstore: A Horror Story Art Show thing?  That was awesome. Our biggest event ever, and the first full contact collaboration between store, events & blog, plus our friends upstairs in the Spring Arts Collective, cool bands like The Manx, Tülips and Bloody Death Skull, Highland Park Brewery and Field Recordings Wine a huge gaggle of other artists and other writers and your generous, alcohol-fueled donations and art purchases going to benefit 826LA and their literacy/tutoring work. It is a good memory.


5.3 is how many posts we’ve averaged per week all year. Not bad for having only 1 1/2 people on staff.


3 is for how many Hunter S Thompson’s I’ve met:

IMG_5264 IMG_6414 IMG_6804


2 is for our two most popular posts. Notable because I have zero idea why they are the top two. Numero uno is a review of Jeff Baham’s The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  In a pretty close second place is our interview with Sarah Peters, the Minneapolis-based artist who floated her library in Echo Park Lake.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them both: they were my posts. But considering how much great literature and dominant pop culture we’ve covered… why the Haunted Mansion and the Floating Library?! I can only think of one explanation: you people are weird. That’s why we’re pals.


hauntedMansionFloating Library


1 is for one year.

Thanks for reading, bookmarking, subscribing, liking, reposting, retweeting, sharing, commenting, and not sending hate mail. Except for that one guy. We’ll do more in our second year, and we’ll do it better.


D+G Anniversary


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