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  Lists    July 25, 2017     Eric Larkin


Once again, I have done what I always do at comic conventions. I get so excited to go, because I love all things sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, adenture, etc. etc. – and then once I get there, I walk around “Not buying that… don’t need those… nope… why would I get one of these?  Nope, not that… ”

I never buy a damn thing.


Not to mention that this year, I spent all my money on train tickets (totally worth it, btw – trains rule – just look at this. Perfect, right? 6am. See that coffee machine back there? Before all the lunatics from Fullerton boarded.


But that’s not to say there weren’t lots of cool book things from comic con – exclusives especially. Here’s a short list of fave bits and pieces. [Many of which you can buy from us by clicking on the title. Isn’t that easier than going to San Diego?]


Over at the Tor booth, you could get a headstart on some upcoming titles, with giveaways and signings of things that aren’t out yet. The Tiger’s Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera (first in the series Their Bright Ascendancy) is a fantasy epic with divine steppe warriors and forest demons. 


Valiant Dust, from Richard Baker, is first in the Breaker of Empires series. It’s a space colonials epic, with military heroes putting down rebellions – that always gets morally interesting, right? – and the protag is a minority on his ship, so he has to do the ol’ work-twice-as-hard thing. It’s contemporary and futuristic — which all the best sci fi always is. Out in November, dawg – sorry. Shoulda gone by the Tor booth to get yourself an autographed copy.


For those teens, Julia Keller’s Dark Intercept (first in the series) is about 16 year-old Violet unraveling the mysteries of a creepy emotion-detecting device – inserted under the skin – that is supposed to prevent crime. What could go wrong? You can get your unsigned copy at the end of October.


Also, Charlie Jane Anders was hanging around, with her Nebula Award-winning All the Birds in the Sky – can technology and witchcraft join forces to save the world?  This one came out in April, so you can just go get it.






Since we still have to wait until at least next year for the new GOT novel (though we’re also getting the history of the Targaryens, the “GRRMarillion” so-called), we’ll just have to desperately thrash around for things that get us through the night. How about GOT Tarot Cards from Chronicle Books? Not because you can learn the future from a deck of cards (probably you can’t), but because they look really great. If you’re a House of Black and White assassin, you can leave one of these with each of your victims – it’ll be like, your trademark, cuz no one has ever done that before. These will be out sometime in November. 


Christie Golden’s Battlefront 2: Inferno Squad – a novel from the game – is out this week, but there was an exclusive cover at the con. Actually, not totally exclusive, as you can now get it for $100 on Ebay. This one is fancier and signed by Golden – and that cover is the same as the deluxe version of the game. Me, I’d rather get the game and the standard-issue book, than just the exclusive book. But if you’re a collector…. 




Over at Fantagraphics, they had a peek at the upcoming Cosplayers: The Perfect Collection by Dash Shaw. It’s out in September, just about the time of the film release (with Susan Sarandon, Maya Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman, etc.). This is the paperback edition, and includes the Christmas issue, which didn’t make the cut in the hardcover. You already know if this is your jam or not.  







Arcana makes mostly comic books, but they also sometimes make plush toys that will break your mind. This con-exclusive Cthulhu plush toy is good for cuddling and maybe worshipping. (Don’t. Better to die free.) Cute! 





Oh, Bernie Wrightson – the late, great. This special edition from Hermes Press – Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for Gang of Seven Animation – features a color cover and a video download of an unpublished story. There are only 100 of these, but I bet one shows up in our Annex someday. Meantime, bet you can find the slightly less fancy version. If you didn’t know, Wrightson did amazing illustrations for Frankenstein, Ghostbusters, Creepshow, and others – and co-created Swamp Thing (with Len Wein – who created Wolverine — man, the 70s were great.) 



There are a ton of new Star Wars books on the way. (Here is a thorough list from One that grabbed my eye was this Forces of Destiny: Tales of Hope and Courage AS TOLD BY MAZ KANATA – cuz I’m thinking the person in the room with the best stories is the thousand-year-old, Force-sensitive bartender. No brainer.  Forces of Destiny is the new series of animated shorts that focuses on female heroes, just out this month. 





Glorious Quirk Books offered early copies of The X Files: Earth Children Are Weird. This is a book for your wee ones, not actually scary, but with cute little Scully & Mulder investigating spooky noises during a backyard campout. Ah – so adorbs. You only have to wait a few weeks for this peach. Get’em hooked early; but still, seriously, hold back on the episode with the inbred hillbillies. I don’t even let myself watch that one.  





Abrams previewed the anniversary edition of Eisner Award-winning bio Kirby: King of Comics. It’s avail August 1 for the rest of us, but folks at the Con who were paying attention (I wasn’t) could have picked up a copy autographed by author Mark Evanier. The new edition is revised and expanded. Stan Lee is awesome – but there would not be a Stan Lee without a Jack Kirby. Fact. 






Disney did the scary A Wrinkle in Time bouncy-ball thing with a bunch of kids and moms. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. This movie looks so amazing.  Here are more official pix of the creepiness



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there were snacks.



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