Cli-Fi is the New Zombies
  Up Late    July 24, 2015     Eric Larkin


Our beleaguered environment has a new ally: science fiction. Specifically called Cli-Fi, according to this Wired article, this is sci-fi which explores the IFs of various ecological disasters. As Shara Tonn says at the end of the piece, “The gap between climate fiction and climate non-fiction is apparently much smaller than we would like to think.” Yep. It’s not as sexy as the Singularity or space exploration or killer robots, but it’s about as “hard sci-fi” as you can get. Not much to add to the piece, which includes Margaret Atwood, Ursula K LeGuin and Nnedi Okorafor, and a sort of idea-prompt for writing your own Cli-Fi. Catch this wave before the water’s gone. You could be the genius behind the future TV hit The Thirsty Dead.


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