Hide a Book Day Do’s and Don’ts
  Lists    September 16, 2017     Eric Larkin


September 18 is Hide a Book Day, and whether or not you are an official Book Fairy (prob too late to get the stickers which come all the way from England) you can still participate. It’s a deceptively simple endeavor: hide a favorite book in a public place for a stranger to find. That’s it.

But not so fast.

It would be easy to biff this one – and never even know it – so here are a few simple  Hide a Book Day do’s and don’ts that should make your adventuring peak successful.


No one will pick this up because it looks like it could have poop between the pages.  photo Quinn Dombowski


DO  choose a clean book in good shape; used is okay, but not falling apart.


DON’T  choose an unattractive book or one that has been used for sanitary purposes.





The chance that someone will be interested in this book is low.



DO  choose a book that you have enjoyed reading or could reasonably expect an average reader to enjoy.


DON’T  choose a book that is not intended to be read or anything with an excessively narrow focus.








This is incorrect. photo Boston Public Library



DO  “hide” your book in a place where it is obvious that taking it is okay.


DON’T  place your book on the table in front of you at a coffee shop. Of course, it would be fun to actually watch a person “discover” the book and take it, but they will never take it if they think it belongs to you. Along these same lines, “hiding” your book on a shelf at the library or a local bookstore will not work.





If this is you, and you brought a small shovel, love the commitment, but no. photo Alan Eng


DO  choose a fun but not-too-difficult hiding space.


DON’T  actually try to hide the book for real.







Near a fountain for popular sitting is good, but actually in the fountain is not good on account of the water.



DO  choose a spot where the book will be protected from the elements until discovered.


DON’T  choose a spot where the book may become damaged.








This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of best practices, but it should help you avoid the most common Hide a Book Day pitfalls. Alright, book fairies – get out there and have fun making someone’s day.  Me? I’m gonna go glue the cover back on my 2004 Yellow Pages and duct tape it to the top of a Metro train, and make someone’s week!



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