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  Book Reviews    February 18, 2018     Eric Larkin

June book clubs — with our new prices!

These are ticketed events. For the price of your ticket, you get:

  1. the book
  2. a cool moderator  (an author, professor, expert, etc.)
  3. a one-of-a-kind location… here, right in our dedicated book club nook, in the heart of the labyrinth
  4. snacks and bevs
  5. sometimes, extras: an author visit, atmospheric flourishes, etc.


Here’s the full slate:

(subject to change, as we have more book clubs in the works: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE – dystopian book club for the doomed, a Gothic book club, and in July: Ficción en Español!)



Author and journalist James T. Bartlett leads us through a carefully selected slate of True Crime books.



On June 5th, at long last: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark from Michelle McNamara! This is the one about the Golden State Killer (a name she gave him) – who was recently caught.  Get all the deets before the trial starts. Tix right HERE.







Tyree Boyd-Pates (curator at the California African American Museum) heads this exploration of newer books from the AfroFuturism genre/movement.



A book we reviewed last Fall, (and it made our Christmas catalogue – cuz it’s damn good) – After the Flare from Deji Bryce Olukotun is June’s selection. Can an ex-NASA, African-American help the Nigerian space agency rescue space station astronauts after a solar flare has knocked out the tech capabilities of most of the planet?  – June 12 – Tix right HERE






We read and discuss a new book of poetry every month, lead by L.A. poet Arminé Iknadossian.



On June 18, we’re gonna look at The Terrible: A Storyteller’s Memoir from Yrsa Daley-Ward.  This one is a personal epic, in prose and verse, via Jamaica, Nigeria, and the UK. Tix are HERE






Authors, novels, and presses from our very own beloved City of Angels. Siel Ju  – yes, an L.A. author – leads this group.


For June, recent debut Catalina from Liska Jacobs. This protag loses her NY career, a doomed-anyway relationship, and returns home to LA for a kamikaze vacation. Liska will drop in for a bit(!)  Tickets are HERE

(This is your group if, like us, you want to hob-nob with local writers.)






Julia Callahan, from Rare Bird Books, leads this intersectional and wide-ranging look at feminist literature. 


We’re heading into some fiction for June, with Zeni Lumas’ Red Clocks. In a not-so-distant possible future, the criminalizing of abortion has brought a new, if subtle, era of gender control.

Since we sold out last month – don’t dilly-dally on this one.  GIRLS TO THE FRONT.







Horror! Author Kathryn E. McGee heads this group, which reads the latest horror fiction and meets after hours – round about the time things start emerging from the stacks. You never know who 0r what.


In June, Josh Malerman’s Unbury Carol.  (UNbury? Wait – why were they buried – and shouldn’t they just stay that way?)  TIX








Mr. Walter Nelson helms this excursion into neglected works from the Victorian era.  


Getting to the heart of the real purpose of this particular club, on June 26 we’re rediscovering forgotten characters and authors, with The Penguin Book of Victorian Women in Crime: Forgotten Cops and Private Eyes from the Time of Sherlock Holmes. Many rivals had he, and we shall not allow them to fade into obscurity.  Get tickets HERE

Wear your period wardrobe, if you’ve got it. (No author visits in this club, unless from the ethereal realms.)




These aren’t last minute events. Do that totally un-L.A. thing, and get yer tix early, so you have time to read the book, eh? 




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