It’s Your Birthday, Bob Woodward! A Quiz
  Lists    March 25, 2017     Eric Larkin

According to reliable sources, legendary journalist Bob Woodward has a birthday today. In celebration of the man who played a significant role in the toppling of a corrupt POTUS, we’ve compiled a little quiz on his life’s work. So, get your notepad, pencil, and 70s era fat tie – we’ve got a deadline…


Name of bestseller that put him on the map

A) All the President’s Men

B) All the Unpresidented’s Men

C) Not All the President’s Men, Just the Naughty Ones

D) Bazinga, Tricky Dick!


Bob’s partner in that Watergate investigation was

A) Carl Bernstein

B) Carl Berenstein Bear

C) Carl Weathers

D) Carl the Good Dog


Bob and Carl broke the Watergate story, that eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, using this  

A) Grit

B) Teamwork

C) Smartness

D) Wicca

E) All of the above except Wicca


The titles of the books Bob wrote about W during W’s presidency are

A) Bush at War, Plan of Attack, State of Denial, The War Within

B) Plan of War, Bush on Attack, State of War, The Denial Within

C) Bush War, Plan of State, Attacking the Attack, Denial War Within the War

D) War of Attacks, Planning Bush Denial, State Within State, War, More War


Before the second Iraq war, Bob totally fell for the WMD thing like a noob


Very True



Which of the following is Bob’s bio of an SNL cast member

A) Wired about John Belushi

B) Banjoed about Steve Martin

C) Streaked about Will Ferrell

D) Relaxed about Kristen Wiig


Which of the following awards has Bob not won?

A) George Polk Award

B) Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Reporting

C) Gerald R Ford Prize for Reporting on the Presidency

D) Cinnabon Employee of the Month, Filmont Heights Mall, Filmont Heights, Indiana


Along with his pal Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward demonstrated and proved which of the following

A) Professional journalism is an effective check on the abuse of power at the highest level, and an indispensable weapon against the forces of tyranny

B) All of the above


He’s a goddamn American hero. Happy Birthday, Bob.



Quiz answers:

Answers? Get out there and find them yourself! And have it on my desk by 3pm.



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