On Location    August 26, 2015     Eric Larkin


I can’t say I’m an avid reader of the Culver City Times, but this bit here popped up in my feed, and – good lord – how did I miss this?!

For the last few years, Actor’s Gang has been doing Shakespeare mashups, for free, in the park: Star Wars The Tempest, superhero Twelfth Night, My Little Pony A Midsummer Night’s Dream and this year Harry Potter Hamlet.


This photo is from THIS REVIEW from Roberta B over at Mommy Poppins, w/ some helpful tips and a spirited defense Culver City.

I had no idea!  Damn.

They’re shortened versions, mostly intended for kids, but if you can tolerate the otherwise characterlessness of Culver City, it’s a pretty sweet way to spend an hour on a weekend morning while introducing your kids to the Bard.

Since the shows only run in August and since I TOTALLY BLEW IT by not knowing about this before, this weekend is the last two shows.

After that, you’ll have a year-long wait for Dora the Explorer Titus Andronicus.

This Saturday and Sunday, 11am in Media Park – it’s free.


BONUS:  If you like Shakespearean mashups and weren’t aware of the Troubies, then here.  You’re welcome.  No seriously, click right here.

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