Up Late    April 11, 2015     Eric Larkin

Kaulie Lewis has a stack of great posts over at The Millions, including that one about reading books in prison that all my cooler friends posted on FB, and I didn’t read because prison freaks me out. I’m not even gonna link to it.  I did read this excellent post, “A Degree in Books”, and boy does it bring back memories. And shame.


The diff between me and Lewis is that I only read about half the books I was assigned (still passed) opting instead to write shitty poetry and have a job.  I also read comic books, which are both literature and art. Time saver. I preferred to read books I wasn’t assigned, including Murakami before he was popular outside of Japan, so those years were not a total waste of life-smothering college debt.

Her post gives you an idea of what college was like for those of us with a degree in lit, in case you were one of those unfortunates who took a degree in accounting or management or something “practical” that now affords you a “steady income” and a “career path” that leads to “retireme –  [weeps]


PS – I have read Don Quixote. I did it so I could write that sentence.

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