4 Kick-Ass Home Libraries You Can Make
  Lists    March 6, 2017     Melanie Falconer


If you loved books as a child, you probably dreamed of having your own home library. While we’ve increasingly let our books disintegrate into megabytes, watching them float off into the digital universe, we encourage you to go back to those insanely creative, kick-ass ideas for a home library that you thought of as a wee one reading underneath your dinosaur blanket. Of course, space is a luxury and you probably won’t be able to create the kind of classic library that’s large enough to swallow you hole. But like the true BAMF you are, claim your right to reinvent the wheel. Here are four ways to do just that.


1.Convert a Retro Style Refrigerator


When trying to impress someone with the cultured wit endowed anyone who has read their fair share of literature, say “You are what you eat,” and then grandly open a retro-style refrigerator to reveal a cornucopia of your favorite books. Follow up your witty remark by serving your friend a book on a plate. Don’t forget to garnish.


Here’s an amazing example from BrightRoomSF







You can get a fridge small or large for relatively cheap on Ebay. Just make sure to never plug it in, unless you’d like to serve your books as a semifreddo. Here’s how it’s done.









2. Antique Dollhouse


If you still play with dolls, you’re probably taking our generation’s Peter Pan syndrome too far. If you also read books, however, then we may have found a place for an incredible antique dollhouse in your living room.

You could do one for the kids, BUT… –>

…you could also work toward a more antique look — photo Ilka Jukarainen










What better place is there for your classics such as Anna Karenina or, better yet, Ibsen’s A Doll House (ha…ha) other than a rustic, Victorian style doll house? While there are plenty of dollhouse book shelves for kids (here are a few handy how-to suggestions), you have the choice of customizing these to your desired aesthetic or converting a doll house on your own. Either way, your books will be nice and cozy inside their own meta-home.

And your dolls will have a home library with giant books. 

[Editor’s epiphany: I could make the lost halls of Moria, a Disney’s Haunted Mansion replica, Hogwart’s (with special effects..!) ..!]


3. A Bookshelf Made of… Books


Maybe you’ve taken a moment to gawk at the beautiful pieces of arts constructed of books at the Last Bookstore. If you don’t mind getting a little House of Wax with some old books you don’t want anymore, try making a container with them for the books you want to showcase. Some people use old encyclopedias since they’re consistently the same size and hence easier to work with. Others use a combination of books and wood panels so the shelves are stable. Either way, the result is the same: a kick-ass piece of art that doubles as your home library.




Here’s an easy to do project from Hodomania:




This one is pretty amazing, too. If you feel brave.


As far as how we did ours? Well, we have to keep some secrets. The book tunnel and front desk (and pretty much everything else) were made by pro artists (for example Jena Priebe & Dave Lovejoy of the Spring Arts Collective), but don’t let that stop you from trying – we believe in you.



4. A Collaged Chest or Bookshelf


This is definitely the most accessible of all options. It’s kind of like the street art version of them all, giving you permission to graffiti and take full license with whatever bookshelf or trunk that’s already in your possession. You can get patterned papers or prints to create sweeping designs, use old book covers, jewelry, newspaper, post-cards, or any combination of whatever is in your home scrapyard to make a stunning book-container. A trunk is recommended only because it provides more space for your palette, though you can leave space on a bookshelf for your collage work to shine through. If it’s been grade school since you collage’d anything, here’s a refresher. 


For inspiration, look at this wild piece created by Welsh school kids, under the guidance of artist David Marchant.





Don’t forget to string some lights around it, though. You want to make sure to remind everyone what a creative BAMF home librarian you are and indeed, were born to be.












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